Beginner Martial Arts on Zoom!

Grades: K-5th 

You’re invited to join our virtual interactive martial arts classes using Zoom video conferencing!

ANTS Martial Arts virtual classes are a great way to explore martial arts from home with a small and intimate class. We provide a safe and fun outlet for your child’s energy while introducing basic martial arts skills and moral attitudes that are integral to this art form. Our goal is to help your child build confidence, practice self-defense techniques, and develop strength and focus. Teacher Jason will lead a fast-paced Zoom class that demonstrates techniques, movements, and combinations that establish a base level of competency in Martial Arts. Most importantly, we’ll have a ton of fun while progressing and growing together. 

Virtual Martial Arts Schedule & Cost


Upcoming class: July 14th – July 30th

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4pm

Cost: $15/class

About Teacher Jason

About Teacher Jason

 “I am a lifelong martial artist who started in traditional Kung fu at the age of 10 and started learning other arts such as Muay Thai, jiu jitsu, and kenpo. I also wrestled in high school and have competed in both jiu jitsu and western boxing. My approach to teaching is about the martial arts lifestyle. Along with the techniques and physical training, martial arts is about respect, discipline and grit. Such values must be taught in conjunction with techniques. You can find me on YouTube here. “

Our Martial Arts Enrichment Programs


Our goal is to keep kids safely moving, learning martial arts, and developing life-long skills that last on AND off the field.

Physical activity through play

Less screen time, more play time! We want your kids to love sports and physical activity for a lifetime.

Expert Instruction

Our trained teachers specialize in early childhood development and know how to make the fundamentals fun.

No special equipment needed

In our virtual martial arts class, you won’t need any special equipment to get the benefits.

Positive growth & development

Martial arts is a proven way to develop positive social interactions, self esteem, and physical well-being.