Zoom Martial Arts

Our goal is to make Martial Arts FUN and inspire your children to love this art form for a lifetime, even while we're all sheltering in place! ANTS Sports after school enrichment classes on Zoom run once/week over an 8 week period. Each class is 45 minutes of fun exercise, martial arts practice, and team building & discussion. This popular small group class will introduce Martial Arts in a fun, safe, and accessible way, right from your living room. We'll cover so much, but expect a lot of:

  • Physical fitness and fun, encouraging movement
  • Practice with kicking, punching, and combinations, along with interactive coaching
  • Positive discussion, team building, and ice breakers.
  • So much more!

Fall 2020 Schedule (NEW session added):

  • Oct 20th - Dec 15th (8 weeks total) - No class Thanksgiving week
  • Tuesdays
  • 4:00-4:45pm PST

Grades: K-5th

Teacher: Jason and TBD

Price: $15/class

Equipment needed: 

  • Device to connect to Zoom call with and wifi adequate for video calls
  • Indoor or outdoor space to move and exercise (6x6 ft is fine!)
  • Water bottle

Refund policy: If an instructor cannot make class, we will reschedule that practice. We will also reschedule weather days (for in-person classes). Due to the fact that we have a small cap on our classes, we have a no refund policy if your child cannot join class. In the event that we must end a program season prematurely due to school schedule changes or COVID-19 public safety regulations, we will issue pro-rated class credit for unused classes which is redeemable for future ANTS Sports programs at your school, online, or in your community.

We hope to see your child in class!

Meet your teacher Jason!

Meet your teacher Jason!

“I am a lifelong martial artist who started in traditional Kung fu at the age of 10 and started learning other arts such as Muay Thai, jiu jitsu, and kenpo. I also wrestled in high school and have competed in both jiu jitsu and western boxing. My approach to teaching is about the martial arts lifestyle. Along with the techniques and physical training, martial arts is about respect, discipline and grit. Such values must be taught in conjunction with techniques. You can find me on YouTube here. “